Company Overview

    We are strategic business specialists focused on retail convenience store exclusively on the downstream petroleum industry with special emphasis on the convenience store and commercial wholesale industry.
Nationwide in scope, the company is comprised of qualified petro-pros that provide unequaled expertise in the areas of wholesaler business debt refinance, acquisition loans, and growth or exit representation. 


    Working for the borrower as a confidential resource, PetroActive confidentially assesses client needs, then recommends the best financing approach to deliver optimum value and return.  From traditional bank or life insurance company backed mortgages to sale-leaseback, mezzanine and equity arrangements, or even equipment leasing, no other company in the petroleum industry has as much experience or offers as diverse a level of financing alternatives.

    In the area of debt refinance, the company specializes in helping its clients consolidate variable rate mortgages into low fixed rate loans with amortizations from fifteen to thirty years.  In this rising interest rate environment, these financing programs offer not only enhanced business profitability but equally valuable peace of mind.

   In the area of acquisition financing, the company confidentially helps its clients assess and value potential acquisitions, then develops a financing plan based upon the specific requirements of both the client and the deal.  


   Representing either sellers or buyers, PetroActive is the industry leader for confidential transactions.  The company understands the importance of protecting the confidentiality of the transaction throughout the entire sales process to protect employees, customers and the owners’ good name in the community.  For seller representation, the company offers unbiased professional insight and ability to establish the businesses true market value, and the expertise to find and solicit qualified buyers, thus creating an atmosphere that optimizes the sales price while reducing overall marketing time. 

   With its exclusive petroleum focus, the company has the ability to fully assess and market the most complicated of wholesale situations, including retail & commercial sales, bulk plants, card locks, rolling stock and other business elements.  In short, the company’s experienced petro-pros offer turn-key service to help ease owner transition from the business into retirement or another business endeavor.

   For buyer representation, the company helps establish purchase parameters consistent with specific needs and objectives and then applies these parameters to filter, prioritize and pinpoint opportunities that fulfill long term strategic growth objectives.  The company also acts as a third party representative to approach targeted companies and assess the potential for an acquisition.